“We Believe Education Is A Necessity, And We Work Tirelessly To Make It Affordable To Everyone Who Needs It. Carrying Traditional Education With Innovation Is Our Motive.”

Kuldeep Mathur  
Chairman, LBS Group  


Since Founded In 1991, We’ve Focused On One Goal – Providing More Efficient & Effective Help To Students And Teachers Across Nation.

Trusted By Students, Teachers & Institutions. We Excel In Different Fields As Well As Departments Of Education. Continuously Working With New Innovations For Better & Educated Nation.


LBS Group is dedicated to offering top of the class and felicitous education in a broad array of disciplines including Arts, Science, Engineering and Technology, Management, employment oriented theoretical and practical modules by way of academically rigorous signature and unique programs. The streams of imparting the said programs include in-house interactions or Distance Learning mode to encompass all age groups.

We intend to provide exemplary, benchmark based education in the traditional domains in addition to making students proficient in globalized, cross-cultural, and technological education. Hence we have exciting and intellectually stimulating learning environment for both students and staff.
Our espousal with the unwavering commitment to excellence in education, unflinching temperament to adopt the state of the art systems, zero countenance for any deficiency in pro student measures and activities underpin our efforts to uphold the excellence which we seek to deliver to our stakeholders viz. students, parents and society as a whole.
We endeavor to provide opportunities to students for participation in specialized activities and related events that provide greater awareness of the specific career area so they can enter and thrive in each and every aspect of personal and professional life.

Further, to promote the emotional and social quotient of students, teachers assume extra responsibilities outside the preview of the classroom serving as mentors of the students. Our staff remains staunchly committed to provide an enlivened learning experience and to earn the high standards that have consistently helped the LBS Group to be regarded a stalwart of learning.
Today LBS edifice comprises of 3 campuses (in Kota), strong Alumni network (20000+), regular student strength of 4000+, more than 200 staff members, and 4000+ students enrolled in distance-learning courses.

Our campus is deliberately structured for asynchronous learning, thereby imparting flexibility to the students for participation and completion of assignments within assigned duration. Classroom fabric has been designed to facilitate vibrant discussions and supportive interaction between students and with faculty.

Our Award

Winner – Best Residential International School Award (Dubai) 2019

Felicitation by Shri Om Birla (Lolsabha Speaker) IN 2019

Felicitation by Shri Kalicharan Saraf (Minister of Raj. Govt.) IN 2017

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'A good school infrastructure with good spaces makes it a good place for the children to study' and LBS has it all.



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Our Mission

At LBS, our mission is to provide quality instructional programs to all age-groups students with different special needs. Our task in the process is not to impart knowledge but to inspire and grow into resourceful individual. We aim and believe to foster trust in God Almighty as the ultimate upholder of life-affirming values and the eternal source of inspiration to all who strive for the realization of the highest deals.

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Our Vision

The basic context of education is to prepare futuristic citizens for a purposeful life and develop overall personality of any individual. We believe in achieving academic excellence along with opportunities for a holistic growth and emphasize on formation of character and a spirit of dedication for the service of the society.

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